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SITP (Student IT Projects OR Skilled Interns and Technical Professionals) operates as a Social Enterprise and was established in Toronto, Ontario in 2013 by a group of information technology college professors and graduate students with high experience in IT project management, internships, capstone projects, applied research, professional certification, conference management and business incubator programs.


Identify, develop, mentor and transition information technology college graduates to an agile, dynamic IT workplace.


To provide talent identification, skill development and onboarding services for business with immediate IT project and staffing needs in high demand areas.

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Our company

We recruit top talents from GTA College and University Information Technology Programs such as Software Development, Network Engineering, Computer Programming, Systems Analysis, Project Management – IT, Information Systems Security, Data Sciences. We then provide mentorship, training and management and then engage with clients in services contract and projects.

Our Mission

To provide satisfaction-guaranteed, tactical IT solutions for clients using an innovative social enterprise model. It assists employers in identifying top talent, and developing agile development skills which to the corporate culture.

We Love

To match the desire of aspiring IT professionals to gain real client experience with the client’s desire to solve nagging computer/web backlog issues at a very low cost and risk.

We're Good At

Our Services

  • Information Technology Systems Analysis, Design and Project Management;
  • Software development and operations;
  • Website/Commerce Site development and maintenance;
  • Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Machine Learning;
  • Vendor specific Software skills such as Salesforce, Pega Systems, Amazon Web Services, Shopify, Microsoft;
  • Applied Research in conjunction with OCE (Ontario Centres of Excellent), NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineers Research Council) as well as local colleges such as Sheridan, Seneca, Centennial, George Brown, Conestoga, Niagara and universities such as UofT, Ryerson, Waterloo, Western, Queens.
  • Innovative Talent And Skill Indentification.

    Our leaders are professors, project managers and researchers who are actively engaging with our post secondary student community including both international students who aspire to reside in Canada and domestic students with a desire be part of Toronto’s exciting and dynamic Information Technology market.

    While employers want years of experience, it is hard and expensive to find. Identifying and on boarding creative and capable graduates can be your best HR policy to retain valued and loyal resources. We help as matchmakers. As students graduate and enter the workforce, SITP arranges paid internships, skill academies, initial employment contracts and agile project engagements

    Applied Research

    Applied research is a methodology used to solve a specific, practical problem of an individual or group. The study and research is used in business, medicine and education in order to find solutions that may cure diseases, solve scientific problems or develop technology. The Ontario Government, through Ontario Centres of Excellent and the Canadian Federal Government, through NSERC, are very supportive of applied research especially in conjunction with local colleges and universities.

    SITP can help you establish if you qualify for the Voucher for Innovation and Productivity I (VIP I) program. It helps eligible companies develop, implement and commercialize technical innovations by supporting partnerships between Ontario's industry and publicly funded post-secondary institutions. Projects funded through VIP I enable the development of new products and/or processes, facilitate productivity improvements, and help generate new revenues and high-value jobs for Ontario.

    The VIP I program supports collaborations between industry and post-secondary institutions up to 12 months in duration that lead to knowledge mobilization, commercialization and increased productivity with significant economic impact for Ontario. In addition to VIP I as a standalone program, OCE has engaged a number of federal partners to enable applicants to develop larger-scope projects by leveraging OCE as well as federal funding through a streamlined, single-application process (whole-of-government approach). These partners include Business Development Bank of Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the National Research Council (NRC) and Mitacs.

    Skill Academy

    Recent graduates from college and university programs typically have great aptitude, attitude and core skills, but often lack specific high demand product skills and experience. The result is that critical jobs are unfilled, or that qualified talent become high-priced free agents working for large multinationals with extremely high overheads (THEY COST WAY TOO MUCH).

    SITP Social Enterprise has worked with a group of industry CIOs to establish training programs for recent graduates. Its goal is to develop reliable entry-level skills in hot technologies, by conducting a structured skill academy. An inspiration for SITP has been the Salesforce “trailhead” program https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/home. In 2018, SITP has established skill academy for Salesforce, Hyperledger Fabric, AWS Data Lakes and Angular.js

    Many reasons why to

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    Creative, responsive and cost effect method of simultaneously handling immediate IT projects and Talent identification at the same time.

    Over 50
    Featured clients

    SITP has served an ever-growing number of clients in a relatively short period of time

    These IT projects demonstrate the ability to perform quality work on IT projects, on time and within budget. Our references with comparable projects provided below will attest to this fact

    CAA South Central Ontario
  • Upgrade of store POS and Pinpad systems to SAP
  • Upgrade of over 2000 Windows XP computers in 10 locations to Windows 7
  • Cybersecurity procedures including penetration testing of over 1200 servers
  • QA and QC services to help with rollout of 10 major new applications
  • STJ Retail
  • Design, procurement, install and support of PCI DSS compliant payment system middleware
  • Corporate video productions
  • IPSOS Canada
  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Software development and data capture for survey systems
  • Business Process Analysis, Optimization, Operations and Control systems
  • Canadian Point of Sale - CPOS
  • Implementation of payment systems including website payment integration
  • Marketing, Administration and Event Management support
  • POS Kiosk development
  • CRM Systems design and implementation
  • Agile Blockchain Corporation
  • Blockchain/Hyperledger Fabric skills
  • Project Management support
  • Data Analytics projects and skills development
  • Market research and Business Analysis
  • American Tall
  • Commerce Site Design and implementation
  • Project Management support
  • Operational Support
  • AI and Analytics
  • Ample Organics
  • Salesforce Admins and Development services
  • LiteUpAfrica
  • Business Model Development
  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Project Management support
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